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Many students and parents, worn out by the demands of the junior and senior year, breathe a sign of relief as high-school graduation nears.  After all, families have been working hard toward this moment for the past twelve years!

Yet, many students find themselves on a completely unexpected learning path during their freshman year in college.  Students of all academic backgrounds may need guidance in juggling new responsibilities, understanding the advanced material, and figuring out effective ways to learn and succeed in a new environment.  The GPA from the first two years of core classes often serves as a litmus test for admission into a competitive major,
an internship, or a college-organized program.  However, many students are  limited to ineffective study groups or short office hours when looking for help that they sorely need.

Many Libra Learning tutors are actually the same professors who teach math and science courses at a number of colleges across the United States.  Our tutors will be your "personal" professors, making sure that you have a good grasp on the material and are fully ready for papers, tests, labs, and projects.  

Math and Science: Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Neuroscience, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Algebra-Based College Physics, Calculus-Based General Physics, Astronomy, Science of Sound, Analytical Mechanics.

We also provide thoughtful, detailed, and quick feedback for papers assigned in the college-level Humanities courses.

To ask questions or schedule a class, please call Libra Learning at 914-418-5606.

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