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Each year, more and more families are making the decision to ask for professional guidance in navigating the pathways of our education system.

For many students, having the extra tutoring may mean the difference between a mediocre grade and success.  Often, tutors also serve the role of a personal mentor -- a person outside of the family who looks out for the student's academic interests and encourages him to do the best job possible.

Because many Libra Learning tutors work as teachers in Westchester-area private and public schools, we have the firsthand knowledge of the statewide core standards and curriculum. Some of the schools our teachers have taught at are Hackley, EFIA, and Collegiate School.

We have more than a hundred years of combined teaching experience with a variety of students:  gifted, traditional, homeschooled, and those with special needs. We enjoy teaching students one-on-one because we are able to create a learning environment that works specifically for the student and touches upon his strengths and weaknesses.   

We currently offer tutoring in the following subject areas:

Math:  Arithmetic and pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics
Science:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Environmental Science
Languages:  Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian
English:  Literature, Composition, ESL
AP and IB classes:  Math, Science, Humanities

If you don't see the subject that you are interested in, contact us! We will do our best to meet your goals.

To ask questions or schedule a class, please call Libra Learning at 914-418-5606.

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