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Oxana Litvine, Ph.D.
Director of Libra Learning
Adjunct Biology Instructor at Purchase College, SUNY 

PhD in Neuroscience, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia (1999)
BS/MS in Human and Animal Physiology, Moscow State University, Russia (1993)

I named my company Libra Learning because I love looking up at the sky and seeing the unknown.

Libra, of course, is a constellation. It is also Latin for weighing scales, as well as a symbol of balance and justice. Libra also reminds me of Spanish “libro” (book) and “libre” (free).

My curiosity about the unknown is the backbone of my education: I majored in biology as an undergrad, studied behavioral neuroscience in graduate school, and worked as a research scientist in Russia, Switzerland, and the United States.

My love for science grew into my love for teaching. I first started teaching as an 18 year-old undergrad, and never stopped. Over the years, I have taught scientific techniques and methods to gifted high-schoolers, Ph.D. and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows and research scientists from the USA, Europe, and Asia.

In time, I came to recognize that what I loved most about my work was the ability to share my skills and knowledge with my students, as well as to help them reach their academic and personal goals. My students finally convinced me that I was truly a teacher first and a scientist second, and that my extensive scientific background was a much-needed foundation for what I wanted to do next. In 2008, I joined Tarrytown’s EF International Academy as a Biology and Chemistry teacher. In 2010, I became an Adjunct Instructor in Biology at the Purchase College of the State University of New York. At both EF and Purchase College, I established a tradition of science peer-tutoring clubs that has already served several generations of students. For the past five years, I have also worked with students and families of Westchester County as a private high-school and college-level Biology and Chemistry tutor.

My goal as an educator is to help my students find their own paths to academic success. With my help, my students grow in their self-confidence, as well in their ability to process new material effectively in a multitude of ways. They progress in their capacity to pose questions and to use critical thinking for problem-solving. Lastly, my students learn how teach others what they now know themselves. It is an honor for me to help my students explore the world of science and gain a deeper appreciation of the world that surrounds them.

Courses taught:
Biology: General Biology, Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
Chemistry: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Other Sciences: Physics, Earth Science
Tests: Regents, SAT, AP, Biology Section of MCAT  


Michael Lockett
Deputy Director at Libra Learning

Graduate coursework: 
City University Of New York Graduate Center (1980-1983)
Doctoral Program in Environmental (Behavioral and Cognitive) Psychology
Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California (1979-1980)
Doctoral Program in Social/Environmental Psychology

BA in History, Columbia University (1977, Dean’s List)
Columbia University School of Engineering 1967-1970

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Michael Lockett has been an independent school science and history educator in some the New York City region’s most selective private schools and programs for gifted students since 1970.

After entering Columbia University as an engineering student, he became interested in humanities and graduated with B.A. with honors in History.  Michael then completed coursework toward doctoral psychology programs at Claremont Graduate School and CUNY, working closely with the eminent psychologist Dr. Stanley Milgram. 

Over time, Michael realized that he was drawn toward real-life work in the classroom and made the decision to switch from research to teaching. He never regretted it. Putting to practical use his understanding of the learning process in children, Mr. Lockett has taught biology, history, and psychology in several of the most highly regarded and competitive independent schools in the nation: 

Collegiate School (NYC)
Dwight-Englewood School (NJ)
Hawken School (OH)
Hackley School (Westchester County, NY)
Prep For Prep / LEDA (NYC)

He has also written two memoirs on race and American culture, Blacksides In Blue and the Brains Factory, and a book of poetry Future Memories of Trains.

Courses taught:
American History
Twentieth-century World History
Ancient history
AP Government and Politics
AP Psychology

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