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Standardized Testing

Unsurprisingly, standardized tests are becoming a standard part of today's K-12 system.  While these tests mainly allow schools to assess the academic standing of current and prospective students, they also serve as an indicator of the students' overall preparedness and test-taking skills.  Unfortunately, a low score on one of these tests may preclude a bright student from receiving large scholarships or attending the school of his dreams.

We believe that every student can improve his test scores through a mix of structured guidance, independent practice, and repetitive mock testing.  In fact, our tutors have helped hundreds of students reach their personal best in the challenging world of standardized testing.  Unlike many other companies, we do not simply "teach to the test."  Because it is important for us to know that we have prepared our students for both current and potential test scenarios, we also teach them how to become more confident and intelligent test-takers. 

How do we do that? We help our students understand what these tests are about and close gaps in their foundational skills.  We teach strategies that help our students create and reinforce successful test-taking patterns.  Finally, we establish a structured environment where students work through a series of individualized short-term and long-term goals.  Throughout the process, we keep the parents in the loop about the students' testing and homework progress.  

We currently offer tutoring for all sections of the following tests: 

Private Schools:  ISEE, SSAT
High-School:  Regents, SAT, ACT, All SAT Subjects tests, AP and IB tests
College:  TOEFL, GRE, MCAT

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