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Welcome to Libra Learning!

We are a small tutoring company with a passion for helping our students reach their academic goals.  As educators and parents, we know how competitive and unforgiving today's educational environment has become, and we understand the pressure and the stress that many students face on a daily basis.  


Our mission is to provide mentoring and all-around support for our students, as well as to help them recognize and solidify their learning patterns and personal strengths.  We work closely with the whole family to build academic confidence, foster independent learning, and develop foundational skills that will serve the students well beyond the current academic year. 

What do we tutor? Everything that we are experts in! We are a tight-knit team of professionals from various academic backgrounds. Many of our tutors hold graduate degrees in math and science fields, and a number of them have taught or are currently teaching at Westchester-area schools and local colleges.

We currently offer tutoring in the following areas:  K-12 subjects, undergraduate and graduate college-level courses, and standardized testing. We also have a College Counseling team to help you with all major aspects of college planning and admissions.

For all of our classes, we offer an individually-tailored learning plan, a result-oriented teaching practice, and personalized and quick feedback - all in the comfort of your home. 
We are here for you! To ask questions or schedule a class, please call Libra Learning at 914-418-5606.


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